Drop-Back Custom Rod Builds


Drop-Back Guide Service offers one of a kind unique Custom Rod Builds as well as a Driftboat Fishing Guide Service for all You Salmon River Anglers in Pulaski NY.



When it come to Custom Rod Builds, we provide nothing but the best Quality there is

out there on the market today. We will meet with the client one on one to discuss the many different options you have to choose from (like colors, length, weight, quantity etc). Drop-Back Guide Service Custom Rods are built to your liking and no one elses, when your happy then we are happy. We look forward to bringing you the best we have to offer. "KEEP THOSE LINES TIGHT" and get your custom build today.

Would like to thank everyone below for all your support. Thank you Tyler

Drop-Back Guide Service 484 550-3092 484 550-3092 

Business Hours: Open 24/7

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